Ultum Nature Systems

UNS Limited Black Spring Curved Scissors

$60.00 AUD

The UNS Black Spring Curved Scissor is a must-have tool for maintaining an aquascape. Made from quality materials, this UNS Limited Black Spring Curved Scissor is covered in a special black coating that increases durability and looks pristine at the same time.

Using quality scissors intended for aquascaping is essential to ensure little damage is done to aquarium plants and plants are trimmed with precision! The limited black spring curved scissors allow for greater flexibility when shaping delicate aquarium plants like Christmas Moss or Java Moss! Check out all UNS premium aquascaping tools here.


  • Medical grade stainless steel
  • Precision trimming
  • Rust-resistant coating


  • Wipe down tools with a dry rag after every use. 
  • Keep in a safe place away from children or pets
  • Product Size: 6"

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