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We explore the balance between joy and suffering and how it connects to the
hobby of aquascaping. It goes beyond being just a hobby; aquascaping can serve
as a spiritual practice that brings you into the present moment, allowing you
to disconnect. We recommend incorporating this into your daily life to gain
psychological and spiritual benefits.

Zen Aqua Solutions

Why of Aquascaping

ZAS aims to establish a connection between this hobby and something greater. The main goal is to truly understand the "why" of aquascaping.

Thus, it is crucial to "start with a why".

Some people see aquascaping as merely another aquarium hobby or a way to pass time. However, when integrated into your daily and spiritual life, as well as your meditation practices, it offers much more. By sitting in front of your aquarium and fully being in the present moment, you disconnect from everything else and can concentrate solely on your tank. This aligns with the Flow Theory.

Imagine a human being composed mainly of a skeleton surrounded by muscles, flesh, and bones. This analogy can be related to an aquarium, where the wood or rock represents the skeleton, the plants symbolize the muscles, and the water is akin to blood.

The central wood or rock is equivalent to the spinal cord, which serves as the foundational piece from which all other bones branch out.

In aquascaping, two factors are essential: material selection and how you arrange them to create a visually impacting effect. It is safest to assume that the simpler, "back to the roots," enjoyment-focused mindset resonates more with you than the mere entertainment aspect of this hobby.

Having done some research, ZAS has found success in aquascaping, driven by a desire to entertain others and promote a people-pleasing mentality. It's like being the jester of the court, proclaiming, "Look at me, everyone, I'm having a great time, look at all of this."

Rather than aiming for perfection, simply find joy in the process. Understanding stoicism requires acknowledging that there is no control over anything except one's own mind. Once this is accepted, it becomes necessary to let go of things beyond our control and accept them with serenity. This applies to aquascaping too, as challenges may arise, such as algae issues, fish diseases, or dying plants. You have no control over these issues, but you can control how you react or behave in response to them. Some people only focus on what they did right and never consider their mistakes. The goal is to comprehend such situations intuitively. Allow your thinking mind to relax, and instead, feel the aquascape without overanalyzing it. Observe and witness its changes day by day. Through patterns and intuition, you will know what to do, without overthinking, blaming, or seeking help. Aquascaping can teach us patience. By consuming the aquarium with complete awareness and consciousness, it can be merged with meditation.

Through ZAS, hobbyists can start thinking of their aquascapes in a slightly different manner. Simply accept and enjoy them as they are at that particular moment in time. If they do not require maintenance, embrace that. If there is no algae issue to take care of, appreciate that and stop perceiving them as problems. In reality, they are opportunities.

Meet Our Team

A General practitioner, whoSpecialinterest mental health and is also the director Zen Aqua solutions.

Meet Dr Vikrant Verma

My journey started about four years ago when I started to delve deep into the hobby of Fishkeeping and nature aquariums. I then started studying its effects on the human psychology interesting facts are arose when I perused through the studies performed by various other doctors which facts matched my own experiences.

Studies involved a noble interaction with fish in home or public aquariums. Outcome relating to anxiety, relaxation and and/or psychological stress were commonly assessed. Evidence was in the positive for lessening the effects on mood, pain, nutritional intake, body weight and most of all, on loneliness. After a hard and stressful day at my clinic, to come back home and to spend some time sometime starting at the ecosystems I have designed led to positive emotions, reduced stress and cognitive fascination.

Eventually, Zen Aqua solutions; specifically, it's design of custom nature aquariums eventually started paving the way for nature aquariums to become more commonplace in medical practises, age to care centres and clinics.

Director Zen Aqua Solutions

Meet Vimal V

Vimal V is a highly successful and influential entrepreneur on a global scale. He has established himself as a prominent figure in the business world, particularly in the Indian and Australian markets. Vimal V is the visionary behind Global Traders, a versatile organization specializing in electrical manufacturing, warehousing, recruitment, and logistics. Based in Sydney, Australia, Global Traders has made a substantial impact across various sectors, including hospitality, tourism, real estate, and technology throughout the country. Moreover, Vimal V holds the esteemed position of Director at Cartula International and is the Founder of Cartula Health India Pvt Ltd. His unwavering commitment to revolutionizing the healthcare industry through technological advancements is truly commendable. Vimal V's relentless drive and passion are instrumental in driving positive change, ensuring affordable and accessible healthcare services for all. In addition to his existing ventures, Vimal V has recently decided to collaborate with Nature Aquarium, recognizing its potential in promoting psychological well-being. With his wealth of experience and expertise, his aim is to expand this enterprise nationwide, promising even brighter prospects for the future.

Director Zen Aqua Solutions

Meet Mani

Mani is a highly accomplished and experienced entrepreneur in the field of nature aquarium business. With a burning passion for aquatic ecosystems and a sharp eye for design, Mani has built an impressive reputation for creating and maintaining breathtaking nature aquariums. His groundbreaking ideas, business acumen, and outstanding leadership skills have been instrumental in driving the growth and success of his nature aquarium business.

Background and Experience:

Mani's journey in the nature aquarium industry is relatively recent, sparked by his love for aquatic plants and fish. He wholeheartedly dedicated himself to mastering the art of aquascaping and honing his aquarium maintenance skills. With an engineering background, his profound understanding of aquatic ecosystems and knack for creating harmonious environments for aquatic life became his unique selling point.

Mani's prior business experience includes working as a director of a logistic company. This invaluable experience has provided him with deep insights into customer preferences, market trends, and best practices in business management. It has laid a solid foundation for his future entrepreneurial ventures.

Entrepreneurial Success:

Fueled by his passion and expertise, Mani took the leap and joined forces with Zen Aqua Solutions. Under his dynamic leadership, ZAS has emerged as a prominent player in the industry, renowned for its innovative and awe-inspiring aquascapes.

Head of Systems

Meet Pawandeep

Pawandeep is brilliant! Her knowledge of our CRM software has been a game changer for us.

Pawandeep works with entrepreneurs who are striving to achieve, or even find, their unique definition of balance between focusing on self, family, hobbies and business. 

She works with business who have a great sense of humour, a desire to succeed, a passion to support others but also a mission to find balance between all of those things she wants to do.