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ZAS Aquascaping soil

$50.00 AUD $55.00 AUD
The ZAS soil by ZAS is a type of aquarium soil that is produced in Japan using high-quality natural soil and volcanic ash. The selection of a suitable substrate is crucial in order to have a successful planted aquarium. This not only promotes the growth of aquarium plants, but it also helps in maintaining the water at optimal levels for certain types of fish and shrimp.

ZAS soil is designed to keep the pH of alkaline water below 7, which is the ideal range for shrimp and most tropical fish.

If you're looking for a solution that ensures good plant growth without the hassle of excessive ammonia, then zas soil is the perfect choice. Other aquarium soils often result in sudden growth of algae during the first few months of setting up a new tank. This is typically known as "new tank syndrome" and is characterized by the presence of brown or green algae on the glass, aquatic plants, and hardscape, as well as cloudy or foul-smelling water.

This issue arises due to the high levels of ammonia (NH3) present in many soil products. Although ammonia aids in the cycling process of the tank, excessive quantities can lead to problems. Therefore, it is necessary for users to perform daily water changes for

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