Zen Aqua Solutions

Aqua Natural Texas Holey Rock 20 kg box

$200.00 AUD
Texas Holey Rock. The world famous Texas Holey Rock is a beautiful limestone essential in all African Cichlid and Marine tanks. As a calcium carbonate based rock it will help buffer your tank's pH levels as required. Fish love the smooth surface and caves of Texas Holey Rock which create a stunning natural habitat essential for their well being.

Rock pieces are supplied within the weight range specified as one single rock excluding the 1kg Mixed Rubble. Pieces available from 1- 20kg with the most popular pieces around the 10-15kg mark.

Pieces vary widely in size, shape and density. They are a natural rock. We highly recommend getting multiple pieces in a range of sizes to arrange in your tank.

The smaller the rock, the less holes you will get (if any). With Texas Holey Rock, the holes are quite large, so the smaller pieces (i.e. 2- 8kg) are more cave like than holey. The larger rocks (10kg+) are more likely to contain an array of holes for your fish.

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